University of New Hampshire, Department of Computer Science

Information Technology 502
, Intermediate Web Design

Spring 2020

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This page gives you a good idea what to expect the lectures to cover, when coursework is due, what resources are available for download, what reading you are expected to do, and when the exams are scheduled.

The schedule may expand, adjust, and evolve throughout the semester. Each time it does, I will post an announcement of that fact on the News page.

Tu, 1/21 Introduction
Download: Introduction.pptx
Reading: IT502 Web site
Th, 1/23 Starting a Project
Download: Starting a Project.pptx
Tu, 1/28 Starting a Project
Th, 1/30 Formation of Teams
Download: SampleTopics.pdf
Tu, 2/4 Starting a Project
Quiz: on the first two sections of the Miller text
Th, 2/6 Starting a Project
Due: Checkpoint #1 (in class)
M, 2/10 Deadline
Due: Project Plan (12 hours before class)
Tu, 2/11 Individual Project Meetings
Quiz: on the Weinschenk text
Th, 2/13 CSS
Download: CSS.pptx
Tu, 2/18 CSS
Quiz: on the Krug text
Th, 2/20 CSS
Download: CSS Syntax and Terminology.mp4 (~155 MB)
CSS Inline Styles.mp4 (~238 MB)
CSS Internal Stylesheets.mp4.mp4 (~174 MB)
CSS External Stylesheets.mp4 (~174 MB)
CSS Typography.mp4 (~348 MB)
CSS Selectors.mp4 (~556 MB)
CSS Box Model.mp4 (~445 MB)
CSS Positioning.mp4 (~502 MB)
Absolute URLs.mp4 (~98 MB)
Simple Relative URLs.mp4 (~111 MB)
Advanced Relative URLs.mp4 (~189 MB)
Best Practices for Links.mp4 (~61 MB)
Publishing.mp4 (~150 MB) (~9.5 MB) (~7.4 MB)
Tu, 2/25 CSS
Due: Checkpoint #2 (in class)
Th, 2/27 CSS
Quiz: on chapters 1 thru 6 of the Grant text
Tu, 3/3 CSS
Th, 3/5 Site Structure
Download: Site Structure.pptx
Tu, 3/10 Site Structure
Th, 3/12 Site Structure
Quiz: on chapters 7 thru 13 of the Grant text
Due: Checkpoint #3 (in class)
Tu, 3/17 Spring Break
No class
Th, 3/19 Spring Break
No class
Tu, 3/24 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Jake Donahue — Design methodologies
Ryan Tremblay — Information architecture
Kajal Patel — Navigation
Th, 3/26 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Oliver Botthof — Information architecture
Justin Moening — Page layout
Luke Allison — Page layout
Tu, 3/31 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Corey Carter — Navigation
Trevor Morrison — Mobile web design
Nick Ippedico — Usability testing
Th, 4/2 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Ben Grimes — Usability testing
Maddy McCallister — Time-based media
Cole Stukel — Time-based media
Due: Checkpoint #4 (in class)
Tu, 4/7 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Nick Braga — Imagery
Jiwan Nepal — Imagery
Amith Kashyup — Web writing
Th, 4/9 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Carter Quiet — Web writing
Tyler Hall — Color theory
Nas Tber — Color theory
Tu, 4/14 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: James Buchholz — Search engine optimization
Jackson Lucier — Search engine optimization
Zehua Zhang — HTML5
Th, 4/16 Individual Project Presentations
Presenting: Jake Conte — Future trends
James Msaddi — Future trends
Ryan Skelly — Future trends
Tu, 4/21 Exam
Th, 4/23 TBA
Tu, 4/28 No class
Th, 4/30 Team Project Presentations
Due: Team Project presentation (9:40 AM)
W, 5/6 Deadline
Due: Team Project Final Report (via e-mail as PDF)