University of New Hampshire, Department of Computer Science

Information Technology 502
, Intermediate Web Design

Spring 2020

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This is the Web presentation for IT502 - Intermediate Web Design. Here, you will find all the information you will need to make it through the course: what we’ll cover, what you need to read, what coursework you’ll need to complete, where to turn for more information, and a whole lot more.

The contents of this site are subject to change throughout the semester. It is your responsibility to check for changes often. The list below will notify you of important changes. The latest changes are always at the top of the list. If you have any questions about the details of a given message, please contact your instructor at

All of the tutorials that have been submitted to date have been posted. The links are on the Tutorials page. Note that the navigational links for some of the tutorials were non-functional, so I have provided links to each individual page of those. Also note that the first one on the list (which had not previously been available is available as part of this batch. Use the dates in parentheses to determine which tutorials were posted at which times.
The links to yesterday’s presentation videos should now be active on the Schedule page.
The links to today’s presentation videos should now be active on the Schedule page.
Five of the six tutorials submitted last week have been posted. The links are on the Tutorials page. Note that the first name on the list is not currently a link. I am working to resolve some issues with this submission and hope to be able to publish it with a future batch. You’re only responsible for critiquing the tutorials that have been published. The date in parentheses following each link is there to help you identify which tutorials were published at which times. You have five days from that date to complete your critique of that tutorial.
The links to this week’s presentation videos should now be active on the Schedule page. Each presenter’s name on the schedule for whom a video has been published should now be a clickable link to their posted video. Personally, I have had the most consistent luck viewing the videos (especially those posted on Google Drive) using the Chrome browser. The videos posted on the wcit server are password protected. I have sent out the username and password via e-mail. Please note that you have five days to view these videos and submit your critiques to the online critique system. If you have not received either of the emails mentioned, please check your junk mail folder before asking for another copy.
I have added another colored box to the top of the Individual Project page to include an example of a simple multiple choice question in the additional format (described more fully in the second box).
I have further updated the requirements for the Individual Project with respect to the submission of exam questions. Please see the box at the top of the page dated March 19 for details.
I have updated the requirements for the Individual Project to account for the post-break adjustments necessitated by the Covid-19 outbreak. Rather than rewrite the entire page, I thought it would be clearer if I left the page as it had been since the beginning of the semester and simply discussed the necessary changes in the yellow box at the top of the page. Assuming you’ve already familiarized yourself with the rest of the page, this should allow you to easily identify what needs to be done differently. I suspect that I will have further refinements to make over time, and I will put each new update inside its own box at the top of the page so that you won’t have to dig through the whole page looking for updates.
The deadline for Checkpoint #2 of the Team Project has been moved to Tuesday, February 25.
Under the date February 20 on the Schedule page, I have added several download links to videos which you may find useful for purposes of reviewing material that was covered in IT403. Normally, I would cover the review of the CSS materials carefully in my IT502 lectures, but with us losing two classes already to delayed starts, I will need to make up time somewhere. Since the most logical material to cut from the course is the review, I have provided the CSS videos (plus some other materials) that I created some time ago when teaching IT403. I will let each of you decide for yourself how (and even if) you wish to utilize them.
The topics and due dates for the Individual Project have now been posted on the Schedule page, beginning on March 24th. These are hard deadlines for the presentations, and your tutorial and exam questions will be due by 11:59 PM on the date for which your presentation is scheduled. Please note that the order of the presentations within a given day’s schedule is subject to change without prior notice. There is also a possibility that the date of your presentation may be changed once we have met to discuss your project more fully, but this would only be done with significant advance notice and your agreement. Just to be safe, however, remember to check back and verify your presentation date a couple of days after that meeting.
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